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i went to the evolve festival and was blown away by the music. ive been addicted ever since. is there a support group for jamaholics?


Live Music For
Tuesday the 19th

No shows for tonight...

Better head to your favourite pub, and make sure you've got some loonies for the jukebox... Here's hoping for Skeletons in the Closet ;)
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Keys player for Dr. Huxtable

I became a Jamaholic when I joined Ottawa band Dr. Huxtable. I started listening to the sweet sounds of other bands and I got hooked. I am a Jamaholic and I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS!!!


The Fire That Consumed Me

I suppose I'd been a fringe jamaholic for some time. Like others I would go in for a bout of jammy sort of music now and then. I had the typical sorts of material in my collection, Led Zeppelin Box Set, Grateful Dead - Skeletons in the closet, Woodstock compilations, that sort of stuff... In 1996 I went to a couple fall Dave Mathews shows, found my self on the ...more


Phunk Phan #1

The complete journey would be a few hundred pages at least......... But to nail it down to one reason for my love of the jam, I would have to say one thing only:
PHISH 12.6.97 Ticket - $30
Night in a seedy hotel - $40
Bag of US schwag - $50!?#?@!

Northern Wish

Simple Really

I joined a band.


Forgive me dude for I have sinned

Forgive me dude for I have sinned. This is my first jam confession. It's sad, but it probably come from years of neglecting sports. Sports have been put in front of me like a plate of ground beef for many years, but I just always seemed to "say NO" to trading hockey cards and watching or even enjoying hockey, baseball, or football after I turned 9. After ...more



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