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Jamaholic Confession


i went to the evolve festival and was blown away by the music. ive been addicted ever since. is there a support group for jamaholics?


Live Music For
Tuesday the 19th

Nothing going on tonight...

Go hang out with your friends who don't like good music.
Vices of a Jamaholic

What's the main vice of a Jamaholic? Music of course...

Here you will find links, tips, and suggestions for how to get more of it! Find out how and where to get digital music, live show listings, music news, as well as tools you may find usefull to get your fix. If there is something that's missing and you'd like to see it up here, send an email to: submissions@jamaholic.com

Downloading Live Music

Most "Jambands" allow people to tape and share their shows, as long as no one is making a profit from them. Check here for a list of taper friendly bands.

These live recordings are shared around the internet mainly in two formats, MP3 and SHN. SHN is generally the preferred format but the files are considerbly larger, but better quality, mp3 is the better option for those who have low speed connections. Check out Etree for more info about the .SHN format.

Note: It is not advisable to trade MP3 sourced shows, but if you do, make sure the person your are trading with knows it came from MP3.

    • Nugs.net - A great variety of current and historic jamband shows.
    • Jamhub - Live Canadian Jamband shows.

    • Sharing The Groove - A mixed bag, download via Bit Torrent.
    • GDLive - A nice variety of Dead, Phish etc...
    • Etree Archive - A whole ton of EVERYTHING!

Your best bet for downloading SHN files is using a peer to peer type file sharing program like, Direct Connect or Further.

Some Direct Connect Hubs:

    • shnapster.dyndns.org
    • Must share at least 250mb of live/legal shn's
    • No MP3's

Sensory Deprivation Bank
    • moeshns.no-ip.org
    • Lots of moe.

Newsgroups that offer shn:
    • alt.binaries.music.shn
    • alt.binaries.music.shn.dmb
    • alt.binaries.phish
    • alt.binaries.gdead
    • alt.binaries.allmanbrothers

Jamband Radio Shows

Psychology Farm - Mondays 8:30pm-10pm (EST)
    • CHRSR-FM 97.9 Fredericton, NB
    • A variety of Jamband stuff.

Live Art - Mondays 10pm-12am (EST)
    • CFRC-FM Queens University Radio
    • Features Canadian Jambands!
    • http://www.live-art.ca

Radio 420 - 24/7
    • Canadian based broadcast dedicated to the jamband music scene.
    • http://www.radio-420.com/

Dead End and Detours - Fridays 3am-4am (EST)
    • CKUA-FM 94.9 Edmonton
    • a weekly journey into the expansive Grateful Dead catalogue
    • dead related influnces, friends, and side projects.
    • http://www.ckua.org

Spinner - Streaming Radio
    • Spinner has a great jambands station, as well as funk, acid jazz etc...
    • http://www.spinner.com

Rhapsody - Streaming Radio
    • A pay service, $9.99 per month (for all the features)
    • Over 20,000 albums you can stream in cd quality audio.
    • 50 radio stations, uncluding a jambands channel.
    • http://www.listen.com

Out of Town

Looking to do a roadtrip?

    • Rochester Groove - rochestergroove.com
        With the new high speed ferry connecting Rochester and Toronto, there is a whole lot more music to check out. Many great bands that don't come north of the border, do make it to Rochester. Check out RochesterGroove.com to keep up on the latest happenings.


Looking for some entertainment, based in the jamband world?

    • Two Hemp Brothers - www.twohempbrothers.com
        DIRTY & KAYA would like you to join them on their crazy adventures. Watch them as they interview bands, show live music footage and offer tips for the cannabis conneseur. So sit back & get your GROOVE ON! Defintely a DANK comedy not to miss!

Music Trades and B&Ps

There are many kind folks out there willing to help the spread of music through trades and B&P's (Blanks plus Postage). For some great info on how B&P's work check this link out.

Here are some great places to hook up trades or get in on B&P's:
    • Ctree Mailing List - www.ctree.org
    • Etrade Mailing List - www.etree.org/mail.html#etrade

Live Show Calendars

    • Jambase - Good coverage of happenings for both Canada and USA.
    • Jamhub - Lots of dates for mainly Canadian jambands.
    • Jambands.ca - The Watchtower
    Customize your Canadian cities to keep track of shows in.

Jamband News

    • Jambands.com - Daily American jamband happenings.
    • Jamhub.ca - Daily Canadian jamband happenings.

Mailing Lists/Discussion Boards

There are lots of mailing lists and discussion boards around, just do a search for your favourite band. Here are some that I frequent:

    • Phish Sanctuary - lots of great canjam disucssions
    • Jamhub - More great canjam discussions
    • Ctree - A mailing list for canjam discussion, trades and B&P's


    • Pholktales - Tons of entertaining stories about phish experiences.

Necessary Software

    • Etree - Lots of great SHN related software
    • Geiss - A great winamp plugin and screen saver that creates
      stunning/trippy visuals the react to your music.


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